About Us

To be sound nowadays is the thing that everyone is battling for. Our well being depends on what we eat and how we eat. Further whatever we are eating is sound or not? Thinking about all these, we chose to concoct something characteristic, that can add to your well being and handled with the end goal that it can hold its common properties. Along these lines, we are before you with Oilplus which is our online store. With being common and being solid, we start with our online store Oilplus in March 2017. What’s more, we are satisfied to reveal to you that we are among India’s Top 10 Cold Pressed Oil Online Shop. Also, chekku  is the procedure of oil extraction from coconut and groundnut. Keeping holding the naturalist item we process the extraction on consistent temperature and mugginess while extricating oil from the oil seeds.

Cold Pressed oil come up to you with the guarantee of the genuine and scrumptious kind of coconut oil, sesame oil, groundnut oil. We realize you are in the look for solid and additionally characteristic oil for you and your family. In Marachekku oil we entirely maintain a strategic distance from the utilization of any harming synthetics in the item and in addition in the extraction procedure. Thus, you are healthily welcome you to purchase Marachekku Chennai with full trust and accept through oilplus.in. We are cheerful serving in various areas in whole India. Our request gets to you in the only 3-4 diurnal course of your request. Buying movement attempted by means of our site is extremely straightforward, protected and secure. Oilplus is the leading distributer of gingelly oil, coconut oil and groundnut oil. Most of the people in Tamil Nadu buy oil from oilplus because we are the only company in Tamil Nadu to provide 100% pure marachekku oil with FSSAI Certified.