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gingelly oil

Gingelly oil is known as sesame oil and in Tamil commonly known as Nalla Ennai. In most Tamil Nadu households you can find Oilplus Nalla Ennai bottle. It is used for cooking purpose as same as vegetable oil and olive oil. Professionals of both Western medication and the Indian arrangement of Ayurveda perceive a very huge medical advantages in gingelly oil. Nalla Ennai is valued for it’s wide range of advantages like antibacterial, anti-inflammatory property and it has many health benefits like lowering the blood pressure, helps in reliving stress and depression. Gingelly oil is scientifically proven to cure anemia. 13g of nalla ennai is equal to 112 calories. People buy Oilplus oil because we use to manufacture it in traditional way using wood pressed marachekku machine.